How We Work

Every magazine or digital product is different. We adapt these processes to each client’s requirements.

We meet with you, our clients, to determine what products will best meet your goals. We find your desired voice and tone and we develop a profile of readers, listeners and viewers. We establish mandatory content, and gain knowledge of your upcoming events, marketing and press activity.

For each product, we create a schedule, working back from your distribution date, allowing sufficient time for planning, writing, design, approval, print, production and distribution. We create an annual editorial schedule, an outline of potential content for the year ahead, covering all your communication objectives within the annual cycle and maximizing advertising sales opportunities.

For each print issue or other product, we meet with you to find out the stories you want to tell and prepare an outline, identifying available resources.

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Once you sign off the proposed content and provide Venture’s team with contact information (where applicable), we commission and create any required editorial content, artwork and video content.

As we receive raw copy, our team embarks on substantive edits and fact checks. We send you the working draft for a macro-level approval prior to beginning fine edits and design.

Once designed layouts of print products or substantively completed video and podcast copy is complete, we forward proofs to you for internal distribution. Our primary client contact is the product’s guardian, making final decisions. Once these are made, we forward a final file for sign-off prior to releasing it to the world.

For print magazines, after you sign off, we upload a hi-res file to our print supplier. Our production manager attends a press pass on initial issues to ensure quality control on press. For tablets editions, video and podcast, we let you take a draft home before upload.

In consultation with you, Venture Publishing’s circulation team manages the distribution of the magazine, maximizing its impact with the right readers. Our digital team ensures that your products enjoy the maximum reach of our networks. We have an overall social media following of 43,450 followers across four channels.

Post-launch of one of our products, we offer a debrief to assess the product based on content, process, feedback (internal and reader) and to identify best practices going forwards.