Why custom magazines work


Imagine if you had 25 minutes to talk directly to your key audience, whether it be your stakeholders, investors, members, customers or employees.

Imagine the opportunities you would have to tell them about your company.

  • What would you say to them?
  • What are the facts and figures that you would want them to know about your organization?
  • What are the stories that would enhance your image and build your brand?
  • What messages could you convey to government and regulators?
  • How would you be able to inspire current and potential employees?
  • What else might you be able to up-sell or cross-sell to existing customers?

A custom magazine can deliver these things, and more. Produced by Venture Publishing Inc, a leading full service publishing company in Western Canada, this overview proves that custom magazines work.

At Venture Publishing, we have an understanding and insight into how great custom magazines work. We believe in tailor-made, high quality, editorially-led products that achieve a client’s communication and marketing objectives.

Every organization is unique, and our publishing strategies are too. The magazines we produce for our clients serve to:

  • Educate readers on products and services
  • Communicate to members on association issues
  • Recruit new employees
  • Shape public opinion
  • Motivate behaviorial change


On average, we are exposed to upwards of 3,000 advertising messages each day, yet only act on one every five days. A custom magazine can ensure your organization stands out. It can help you connect with your target audience, change mind-set, build a relationship with them and acquire new customers helping drive sales and loyalty.

Companies that want to brand themselves as a provider of choice, that need to maintain existing relationships with clients, attract new members or employees, or build their profile as an association with lobbying powers can all benefit from a custom magazine.


Global research shows that, on average, a custom magazine will…

  • Be read for 25 minutes or more
    While some media rely on shock tactics for instant impact, the effect is transitory. By contrast, custom magazines focus on the long-term relationship, and have a depth of space to convey multiple messages and product detail, cost-effectively. The net effect is shown by a comparison of viewer attention:
Medium Attention generated
Online advertisement 5 seconds
Billboard advertising 8 seconds
Radio advertisement 20 seconds
TV advertisement 30 seconds
Customer magazine 25 minutes (1,500 seconds)
  • Create high levels of response
    Almost 50% of custom magazine readers act or respond after each issue.
  • Increase brand loyalty by more than 30%
    In an APA survey by Millward Brown, 94% of respondents said they look forward to receiving a custom magazine, and 62% recommend the title to a friend.
  • Generate an average 8% uplift in sales
  • Have a lasting impact
    One in four readers will pick up an issue of a custom magazine more than three times, and 62% will keep it for a week or more.
  • Achieve many communication and marketing objectives
    Different business sectors have different needs, but custom magazines can…
  • mark a significant milestone or business achievement
  • communicate on association issues
  • shape opinion
  • drive footfall
  • acquire new customers
  • recruit people
  • increase sales
  • cross- or up-sell
  • reassure purchase decision
  • provide information
  • entertain
  • communicate and support brand positioning
  • build loyalty
  • generate advocacy
  • reduce churn
  • add value or reward customers and members
  • motivate staff
  • provide sales collateral
  • support a franchise
  • Work for many sectors
    Custom magazines work in almost every business environment, but sectors already using the medium successfully include…
  • arts
  • associations
  • automotive
  • business-to-business
  • construction
  • financial services
  • government
  • health and fitness
  • in-flight
  • industrial or technical associations & businesses
  • IT
  • leisure and entertainment
  • logistics
  • luxury goods
  • professional associations
  • public sector
  • recruitment
  • retail
  • seniors
  • telecoms
  • travel
  • tourism
  • utilities
  • youth